My Legal Highs for Columbus day :)

I’m planning to go out to rave party on Columbus day, so I was wondering which legal highs you are taking to such events usually?

Talking about myself , i think i’ll get me some rave Party pills … or XTZ – they are as good as rave, but a little bit different effect…

Would be nice to hear from you what ya use for such events…

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Hops Hash Review

Hi everyone! Today i wanted to start a serie of honest reviews of the best legal high products available nowaday. The market is flooded with various stuff which is not working as advertised, that is why I think it’s so important to provide honest reviews to all those who wants to get high legally.

Today I want to tell you about my experience with Hops Hash. Very interesting fact is that they are making it from same plant which is used in production of beer :)   So funny, but this plant is 100% legal as well as extract they are making from it. Very nice idea to make legal high smoke from hops heheheh!   And you know what!  it really works!   and the best fact is that it’s not expensive, 100% legal and they can ship it to any country!!  Thanks Mother Nature for wonderful plant Hops!  It would be possible to grow it yourself, but lots of plants needed to make a good extract…. So lets leave harvesting to them – and we can enjoy the result – wonderful Hops Hash !

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